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Blueberry Lemonade

Blueberry Lemonade Project for Teachers(BLPT)-Sensational Classrooms

The Blueberry Lemonade Project for Teachers (BLPT) is an interactive introspective experience designed to reimagine, reconnect and celebrate their commitment to the profession. BLPT enables teachers to reflect and assess themselves, individually and collectively, to better serve students and their families.  

  • Renovate the classroom experience                       
  • Empower Teachers                                               
  • Champion Students
  • Celebrate Progress             
  • Celebrate Growth                   
  • Celebrate Success
  • Community Resources 
  • Networking  
  • Increased Student Engagement and Performance

Sensational classrooms feature teachers who are sensitive, sensible, and sense-conscious. Sensational classrooms are places where: 

*it is safe for all to express and exchange ideas in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Sensational classrooms are environments where 

*teachers and learners can survive and thrive. 

*individuality is valued and recognized as a peephole into the panorama of creativity that lies beneath each surface. 

*exceptionality is a reflection eector? highlighting unique encounters experienced along each personal path to now, right now, and now what? 

SELF-AWARENESS: interactive introspection and meditation images? of the profession; blending “lemons” and “blueberries”

SELF-MANAGEMENT: adopt personal and professional routines; self-care/stress busters BLP app; technology-based instructional tools;

SOCIAL AWARENESS: cultural competency; diversity; sharing space w/others building upon students’ heritage

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: championing children; technology-based instructional tools; responsive communication skills: “D.U.M.B.”/”S.M.A.R.T.” protocols for teachers; building community; professionalism; efficacy

RESPONSIBLE DECISION-MAKING: identifying and evaluating options; setting priorities; identifying and choosing alternatives.

Sensational Classrooms
BLPT helps teachers to “squeeze success” out of their learners’ circumstances by adopting personal and professional routines; improving communications between teachers them and their students; building upon the strength of students’ heritage; establishing classroom environments conducive to positive interaction; and increasing student performance in school. This work is particularly focused on cultural competence. 

  • Reimagine

  • Reconnect

  • Reassess

  • Reflect


BLPT is a  custom-design program right-sized for each organization. Click the logo below to find more information. 

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