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Chalkdust Education Foundation (CEF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in 2004. It offers direct services through the development and promotion of model programs for K-12 educators, parents, and students to assist them in facilitating the growth and development of children.   It also collaborates with other organizations to sponsor strategic initiatives of mutual interest and benefit to the Northeast Ohio community. CEF saw the need to provide services to families through programs offered directly to schools.

B.L.A.C.K. Lemonade 

Blending Leadership Advocacy Culture & Knowledge (BLACK) Lemonade for All (BLFA) is an asset-based program designed to address issues surrounding the parenting of children in multicultural school and community environments.  Visit us at


Blueberry Lemonade Project for Teachers (BLPT) 

The Blueberry Lemonade Project for Teachers (BLPT) is an interactive introspective experience designed to reaffirm, reconnect and celebrate teachers’ commitment to the profession. Designed by a practicing teacher in collaboration with an administrator and a professor, BLPT enables teachers to reflect and assess themselves individually and collectively to better serve students and their families.


IndeedWeCode (IWC) is a computer coding program for African American girls that teaches transformative skills to maximize the life chances of the least visible people in IT and technology-based entrepreneurship. Its key component is a two week summer coding camp. 

Illumination: See the Possible 

Imagination: Dream the Invisible

Innovation: Create the Tangible

Distinctive Features:

  • Industry-standard coding experiences

  • Leadership opportunities Mentorship

  • Mentorship Leadership opportunities

  • Parent advocacy

  • Partnerships (Community and corporate) partnerships

IndeedWeCode is the signature program of CEF. Visit 

Chalkdust Education Foundation
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