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B.L.A.C.K. Lemonade For All

B.L.A.C.K. (Blending Leadership Advocacy Culture & Knowledge) Lemonade for All (BLFA) is an asset-based program designed to address issues surrounding the parenting of children in diverse school and community environments.

The B.L.A.C.K Lemonade for All (BLFA) program consists of a Phase 1 conference that lasts 2 days, typically over a weekend. The post Phase 1 follow-up is a 6-8 week period wherein participants read about, review and discuss parenting issues and concepts, and practice new skills they have learned during the process. The Phase 2 conference is designed as a one-day celebration. Scheduled on a Saturday, it features team members sharing success stories, as well as the challenges they may be facing as parents. Goal-setting concludes Phase 2 activities. 

The BLACK Lemonade Project is a refreshing blend of hope, help, pride, and vision.

Focus areas:

  • Communication between parents and their children, parents and teachers, counselors, administrators 

  • Effective cross-cultural communication

  • Introspection and self-assessment

  • Quality time (Self-care, family, school, community)

  • Goal setting (Individual, family, school, community)

For more information about scheduling this program at your school or community organization, visit the website for more information and who to contact for details.  

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